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LFM Fresh Start Program

Five weeks to...

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...build confidence...

...and make lasting lifestyle changes!

The Fresh Start Package Includes:

Personal Training

Weekly sessions (2-3) to accommodate your schedule!

Nutrition Planning

Nutrition consultation and guidance to meet your specific goals!

Individual Assessment

Individualized health and fitness assessment for your unique needs!

Experience the LFM Swing Lab!

Visit "The Golf Professor" Dr. Greg Ortman and the LFM Swing Lab today at LFM!

As a player, educator, lecturer and coach Greg is an eight time nominee for Golf Magazine’s top 100 Teacher Listing, and the 1993 TSPGA teacher of the year. During his competitive career, Greg won 15 professional golf tournaments, and holds six course records. A PhD in Holistic Golf Performance, Greg approaches his students with a concept of common sense, and replaces misconceptions of the game with “golf sense”. The “golf sense” concept has received positive reviews from both instructors and students who have participated in his seminars, classes and schools and has been developed exclusively by Dr Ortman. The LFM swing lab offers golf enthusiasts and the novice the opportunity for comprehensive analysis of stance, swing, and game. Is your game ready for the spring season? Is your short game killing your score?Maybe you want to learn the game that has fascinated the world for generations, but didn’t know where to start. This is your opportunity! We have individual appointments, golf training packages,and spaces available in our introductory “Fast-Start Learning System”, which includes 10 lessons, Greg’s Golfology manual, Golfology swing tool kit, Video computer printouts, supervised practices, and the golf simulator, all taking place in the new Swing Lab! Call (301-729-2275) or email us below to make your appointment. The golf season will start before you know it.


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