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Member Highlight

Macee McCunn

Macee McCunn, is a talented artist who creates beautiful jewelry and sculpture from a variety of metals. Traveling the county to sell her creations in stores, galleries and shows, she is truly passionate about what she does! Spending time outdoors, whether bicycling, kayaking, or just kicking back in a hammock by an open fire, is always an inspiration to her creations, and while she doesn’t hesitate to get her hands dirty, she is quick to say Santa would make her really happy if he would tuck a cute pair of high heels in her stocking!

A car accident several years ago left Macee weak, and without confidence in her physical abilities. Tired of listening to others say she would not be able to return to her previous athletic and fit lifestyle, she decided to take her health into her own hands. Two years ago, she joined Life Fitness, and she hasn’t looked back since!

Macee feels that Life Fitness has given her positive, consistent and focused instruction that has taught her what to do, and how to do it properly. “I’ve become stronger, leaner, and more physically stable. I can accomplish the goals that I set for myself, and I have increased stamina, endurance, and strength, all from the guidance provided here”

When asked what it is that she loves about being at LFM, Macee is quick to say it’s the “family and friends” atmosphere. Having belonged to other gyms previously, she finds LFM to be unique. The owners, trainers and staff create a welcoming atmosphere that is helpful and professional. “Many of the people here have become my friends. I feel very welcome, and sure that I am always going to get a challenging training session, or a fun class.”

Macees advice for others thinking about pursuing a healthier lifestyle? “ Just take the leap! You will quickly find that there are many things you are capable of; you just have to get started! A little exercise today, a little more tomorrow, and you will soon find that baby steps have turned into climbing a mountain!”


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